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FRIULAIR S.r.l. was established in 1989 and in just over 10 years became a leading international company in the production of dryers, filters, aftercoolers and accessories for the treatment of compressed air.

Quality, versatility, respect for the environment and reliability are the characteristics of all our products. The wealth of experience found in company departments, and strict intermediate/final inspections carried out with the most advanced equipment, are the company's distinguishing features.


FRIULAIR designs, develops and sells a wide range of products for the treatment of compressed air and industrial refrigeration with professionalism and commitment.



In order to meet ongoing development requirements and introduce additional product lines, FRIULAIR first transferred their business activities in 1992 and then in 2000 to the current plant at Cervignano del Friuli (UD) - Italy.

The current headquarters are now being expanded from a covered area of 4000 m2 spread over an area of 14,000 m2, to a covered area with new offices of 15,000 m2 over a total area of 51,000 m2.



  • 1989 - 1995

    FRIULAIR S.r.l. is founded at Romans D’Isonzo (Go).

    The DF series with copper heat exchangers is launched. The control device is a simple thermostat with an analogue thermometer for smaller models and fan control for larger models.

    Due to the constant increase in production volumes Friulair transfers its business to a larger plant at Ronchi dei Legionari (Go).

    The DF series is improved by adopting R134.a gas which is less polluting and more environmentally friendly than R22 gas. The AD series is developed, comprising DFs upgraded with aftercoolers incorporated and optional pre-filters.

    Friulair puts the complete range of spin-on filters with combined filtering elements in disposable containers on the market.

  • 1996 - 2000

    The first experimental water/oil separation system (WOSS) is created.

    The R & D department develops the TD series, whose characteristic is an innovative tube bundle with more contained, efficient dimensions compared with the DF series, commencing from 800 m3/h. The new series of DMC11/DMC20 controllers is designed and developed. The first backlit LCD screen appears on the DMC20. The range of filter solutions is extended with the addition of the AL range (in aluminium) and the FE range (in steel for large capacities).

    The plant in Thailand is inaugurated, where all dryers adapted for tropical temperatures are still produced.

    Friulair moves for the second time to a larger plant, 4000 m2 over an area of 14000 m2.

  • 2001 - 2005

    The PLS series is created, with braze welded stainless steel plates.

    Designing the ACT series and patenting the Alu-Dry aluminium module enables Friulair to provide the compressed air sector with an innovative, high performance product that replaces the longstanding but less significant DF series. In addition to the ACT series the FT series of aluminium line filters also hits the market. The TDF maxi range is created with capacities of 4800 m3/h upwards.

    The first HDT absorption dryers manufactured by Friulair arrive.

    Friulair extends its dryer solutions to include the PCD range with cold air exiting and the PLH range for high pressure systems. The new DMC14 and DMC15 controllers are also developed, the natural successors of DMC11 and ADS93.

  • 2006 - 2012

    Friulair develops the low cost AMD series which replaces the more expensive ACT range but the parallel market success of both series overturns expectations completely.

    The successor of AD arrives which incorporates the AHT aluminium module and upgrades the ACT range with the addition of aftercoolers and pre-filters.

    Friulair introduces the new series of CWT water refrigerators at the Hannover trade fair.

    The ACT / PLH / PCD series are fully modernised in the chassis and refrigeration cycle, and the new R407C gas is adopted for medium/large models. The new DMC24 controller is developed which carries out more complete, accurate functions than the DMC20.

    The sale of CWM / CWT chillers commences after a lengthy research, design and in depth testing phase. The extension works commence at the current plant.