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Chillers for water treatment

New product lines specifically designed to meet the demands of the industrial application and provide an accurate control of chilled water temperature with consistent reliability for continuous operation.

Products for compressed air handling

Dryers, filters, aftercoolers and accessories. Quality, versatility, environmental awareness and reliability are the major features of our products.


Revision of CWT series

Improving reliability and reducing risk of Ice alarms - introduced at the production level from 22 June 2016.




Please join us at the fair MCE 2016, from March 14 to 18 in Milan.
It will be the first time that Friulair Chillers is in Mostra Convegno.

New dryers AMD190 and AMD220

AMD dryers series is extended with two new models.

Indeed, today new AMD190 and AMD220 are available, with 19000 and 22000 l/min air flow, where the...

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FRIULAIR projects and manufactures compressed air dryers and accessories to highest quality control standards.

One of the world's leading producers of dryers, filters, refrigerators and accessories for compressed air processing.



To supply a high quality product with outstanding reliability is a major objective of FRIULAIR.

We eliminated CFCs from our dryers by using only very efficient and environment-friendly refrigerant gases. Moreover, all our packing materials are also totally recyclable.