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News October 2016

Friulair Srl realizes a compact system for cooling and precise control of the compressed air temperature of an electronics manufacturing plant located in Italy.
The package consists of a chiller with Hot Gas By-Pass Electronic valve QBE014 + shell&tube heat-exchanger WFR80.
The performance testing and final approval have been carried out in our R & D Lab in Cervignano, which were measured a number of variables (such as Ambient Temperature, Temperature of Compressed Air IN and OUT, Flow and Pressure of Compressed Air, Pressure Drop on the Air Side, Input Power  and Electrical Efficiency of the Chiller, etc ...) in various operating conditions.
Specifically, the plant on the final place of installation will be repeatedly stressed by fluctuating conditions of the thermal load (sudden changes of temperature at the heat-exchanger inlet on the branch of compressed air) and regarding the air flow rate (also impulsive).
The objective was to obtain an outlet air temperature at WRF80, and thus usable for the user, between 18 and 23 ° C, with an air inlet temperature which, however, could vary between 35 and 55 ° C, and a fluctuating air flow rate between 0 and 100%.
The system has been strongly urged with sudden changes of the load, going from 0 to 100% and vice versa, with the plant conditions already active and also simulating "cold start" of the package, starting from a total plant shutdown condition.
In all test conditions, the results were excellent, so as to validate the system.
The package thus compact constructed is a valid alternative to the normal temperature control systems consisting of a 3-way Mixing Valve that is normally installed on the branch of compressed air with the aid of sensors and actuators which must, however, be controlled by an acquisition system and external control, comparing to the equipment offered by Friulair that is fully compact.
In practice, with this solution, unlike the competitors, we offer a compact and fully integrated package into the same Chiller's control logic.