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News January 2017

Friulair Srl presents two new cooling systems that complete its product portfolio
QBS : Extended QBE range with low capacity chillers based on...

News October 2016

Friulair Srl realizes a compact system for cooling and precise control of the compressed air temperature of an electronics manufacturing plant...

Water bypass valves

Water bypass valves (settembre 2016)
They are regulators mechanical and fully automatic of the flow rate of the fluid (water) in a pipe.

QBE Chillers equipped with HOT GAS BYPASS VALVE

We introduce the new range of QBE Chillers equipped with HOT GAS BYPASS VALVE (HGBV) for accuracy control of OUTLET WATER TEMPERATURE.

Revision of CWT series

Improving reliability and reducing risk of Ice alarms - introduced at the production level from 22 June 2016.




Please join us at the fair MCE 2016, from March 14 to 18 in Milan.
It will be the first time that Friulair Chillers is in Mostra Convegno.

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